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HeyPeacock Keepsake Box TIME-OUT Bundle: Sleep

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Our exclusive HeyPeacock Keepsake Box Series is the most wonderful gift in itself; yet, this bundle is packed with luxurious treasures that will leave a lasting impact on that special person in your life!

    This Sleep Time Out Bundle is the ultimate gift for the woman who needs a break. This bundle was specifically built with items that relax and calm the mind and body. It includes:

    • HeyPeacock Signature Keepsake Box; PU leather outside; Velvet inside covering; Lock-closure (Tag Monogramming Available for White/Gray Only); 11.42" x 11.42"

    • Women's Robe: Viscose Bamboo + Organic Cotton (Rose)This is the perfect cozy robe to live in with a 3/4 length hem, wrist length sleeves and pockets to keep all the things you need to keep close. The waist tie is sewn into the robe so you will never lose it.

    • Warmies® Cream Slippers are fully microwavable and gently scented with real French lavender for the ultimate comfort and relaxation. Made with luxurious soft faux fur and memory foam soles, they are perfect for relieving stress and soothing tired, aching feet. Simply pop them in a microwave for 90 seconds to provide up to an hour of soothing warmth and comfort. Fits most women’s sizes 8-10 U.S. 

    • Warmies® Cream Wraps are fully microwavable and gently scented with real French lavender. They are perfectly weighted for a positive sensory experience, while providing comfort and relaxation. Simply warm Warmies® in a microwave for up to 90 seconds to enjoy the soothing warmth and lavender aroma for a 2-hour period. Easily reheat as needed. To use as an ice-pack, place Warmies® in a grip seal freezer bag and place it in the freezer for 2-3 hours. This will help to ease bruises and sprains and may also help reduce fever when sick.
    • Bath Salts (Sleep) 330 g: Wind down before bedtime with this restful and blissful bath blend. Powerful yet soothing essential oils and effervescent salts come together to set the stage for a peaceful good night's rest.
    • Exfoliating Body Polish (Sleep) 12 oz: Get your body bath ready with Sleep exfoliating body polish. The Bathologist included just enough lavender to calm angry skin while adding mint to brighten and exfoliate.
    • Lotion Candle (Soy): Rosemary & Lavender: 2-in-1: The Rosemary & Lavender 2-in-1 Soy Lotion Candle is like a relaxing bubble bath. Crisp rosemary combined with soothing lavender makes for a clean scent that will instantly relax you. It is the perfect addition to your at-home spa day. Infused with natural essential oils of sage, rosemary, orange, lavandin, eucalyptus, and lavender. Burn Times: 10 oz: 55 hrs
    • The Bathologist Dry Brush: Gently exfoliate and revitalize your skin with The Bathologist Dry Brush. The Dry Brush can be used on its own or with The Bathologist Body Polish for a deeper exfoliation. Rub the brush over your body in circular motions. Start with light brushing. As you get used to it, apply more pressure. The Bathologist highly recommends dry brushing to enhance your bath routine as it opens your pores and helps improve circulation.
    • Sleep Eye Mask: Cloud
    • The Satin Tea Mug (Fog): This soft and lustrous all-in-one tea mug is designed to maximize your tea experience. The ergonomic system has a precision stainless steel tea filter basket and a saucer that doubles as a lid to retain heat while brewing tea. (16 oz, Dishwasher-safe, Do NOT Microwave the metal infuser.)
    • Pinky Up Tea (REST): Sip a cup of this peaceful tea blend and have sweet dreams. The REST tea brings a blend of ginger, apple, and blueberry for a fruity base, while the addition of valerian root and lavender that helps you drift into a calming sleep.

    The HeyPeacock Keepsake Box is elegant and sophisticated, covered in PU leather on the outside and lined with velvet on the inside. It has a lock closure and a thick pu leather handle for easy transport. It is the box you want to leave sitting out on a table or shelf and is built to do just that with the flat, horizontal bottom.

    With ample storage space, this keepsake box is perfect for housing a variety of precious items. Store cherished mementos such as photos, letters, awards, medals, pins, journals, diaries, jewelry... the options are endless. Each time you open the box, you'll be transported back to those unforgettable moments, reliving the joy and love that accompanied them.

    CARE INSTRUCTIONS for Clothing: Machine wash cold, gentle cycle with like colors. Line dry or tumble dry low heat.